3.30.2021                                    My new Fidelity Investments commercial is airing.

                                                                    Directed by Malcom Venville.

Fidelity 3-30-2021 (2).jpg
1.28.2021              Thrilled to return to the set of The Rookie for a costar in an upcoming episode.
1.13.2021           Happy as a clam working on my first official commercial booking of the new year.
                                                         All hush-hush for now, of course. Stay tuned!
LisaCatara_JoOfTrading_ 1-13-2021 (9).jp
LisaCatara_Rookie_ 12-18-2020 (2).jpg
11-13-2020    Thrilled (as always) to be included in the  Black Ops family on Activision's latest
                                         Black Ops "COLD WAR" which launched TODAY!!!
                                              Gamers ... are you ready for DIE MACHINE?!!
10-16-2020             Tonight, I became a Distinguished Alumni of my beloved alma mater,
           Cleveland Heights High School.  The 40th Anniversary induction ceremonies were broadcast     
                online on the CH-UH YouTube page. My thanks to the alumni association, student body,  
              performers, my fellow inductees, and especially to the countless teachers and educators
          from  CHHS who constantly championed and pushed me to become a better version of myself. 
                                           I am truly honored for this inclusion and acknowledgement.
Lisa_CHHS_Induction_speech_9-19-2020 (1a

10.13.2020                "On Set" for another commercial. I could get used to working from home!

Lisa_AllstateShoot_10-13-2020 (8)1.jpg

9-30-2020      At last!   Black Ops  COLD WAR  Zombies is announced. I am very proud

to be invited back to participate in the making of "DIE MACHINE".

COD_ColdWar_DieMachine (16)_email.jpg
9.28.2020    Thrilled to be on set again. Working on a secret project for a wonderful AD agency.
            I am thrilled to be included in the incredible cast of
     "Even Flowers Bloom in Hell...Sometimes" by playwright Franky Gonzales,
directed by Michael Garces, as part of The Road Theatre's annual
Summer Playwrights Festival.


Stills from a recent Department of Veterans Affairs commercial I had the

privilege of being selected for. If you are a Veteran having thoughts of suicide,  

call, text or chat with the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1.



I am so very proud to be a part of this incredible virtual reenactment of one of the most significant movements of our time. TIME in conjunction with Viola Davis and AmFam created a virtual reality exhibit where you can experience the historic 1963 march where Martin Luther King Jr made his famous speech to a crowd of +250000. The exhibit premiered February 2020 at the Dusable Museum in Chicago.

Heading 5


The new Cadillac XT6 spots are out. And I'm a proud "Baby Driver" for my Crew in these gorgeous ads directed by fellow Clevelanders The Russo Brothers.



Proud for the inclusion in some informative work on behalf of the Veterans Association today.


On set today with Cleveland's own Joe and Anthony Russo!


Shooting a new commercial spot with my charismatic set family. So much personality!

Spinmasters 4-29-19 (1).jpg


My episode of LA's Finest airs tonight. Watch the excitement on Spectrum Originals.


New magic with a lovely cast & crew. Wonderful working with director David DeCoteau.